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Aunty dating

I am doing Bachelors from Ahmedabad university and also want to continue my ...

Read More » Hi friends I say sweet Hello to everyone. I have recently completed my Bachelors education in Economics and now looking forward to do masters. Read More » Hello my sweet Friends, my name is Nitya Bhervika from Kerala beautiful city Thiruvananthapuram.

She mocked his dressing, his lovemaking/his manhood, his house, his job etc…

On top of that, I am now being insulted and stigmatised as a “husband snatcher”.All through this, she never worked and instead got very involved in a Nigerian church.My love is not very religious but he went along with it.Background information; My fiancé’s marriage was basically an arranged marriage.He studied and worked in a place which did not have too many Nigerians and it was his desire to marry a Nigerian.

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Despite the cost of living being higher in the new state, he bought a bigger house and upgraded to a more expensive car, thereby pushing his costs way up.

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