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If you masturbate your partner, there is a risk that any viruses or bacteria on your hands could be passed to your partner.

ROAM also offer advice on how to contact the police if you have been a victim of a hate crime. All police services in Scotland have LBGT liaison officers where concerns can also be reported confidentially via telephone or email.

The receiving party feels harassed and scared as the cyber raper makes vulgar posts or inbox messages.

Similar to cyber sex, except one of the two people does not want the sexually oriented messages.

As there is no physical contact during cyber sex (also called 'virtual sex' or 'online sex') there is no risk of HIV or sexually transmitted infections to either partner.

However, there are other risks: When practised between partners, masturbation is a medium risk activity for HIV and sexually transmitted infections, but is a no-risk activity if you do it alone.

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If sessions are anonymous, anyone who does find they have HIV will not be able to contact others in the group to let them know they should get a test.