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Nothing has been identified from this period as of yet.

The dendro study revealed that the earliest remaining barns were built entirely of hewn timbers and the rafter plates have double notched rafter seats.

This study has been funded in part with grants provided by the New Jersey Historical Commission.

It was hoped that a study of this kind would answer questions related to ethnic settlement patterns.

Note: a 7th ground level barn dated 1787 was eliminated from the conclusion because the date was derived solely from three samples taken from floor joists.

The upper framing was not sampled and suggests a later date when compared to the other dated barns. Conclusion – ground barns: The 1790s were the wild west of Holland Township.

Conclusion – Pennsylvania Forebay barns: According to a late 19th century account, in 1806, Phillip Burgestresser (1778-1841) who was of German ancestory, moved to Holland Township from Tinicum Township in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and built a “nice brick house and good barn far superior to that of his neighbors.” This quote suggests that the “far superior” barn was a Pennsylvania Forebay bank barn and that this barn type first appeared in Holland Township in or slightly after 1806.

The date of 1806 for the earliest remaining stone Pennsylvania forebay barn supports this conclusion.

These fragments may be dendro dated in the future with the hopes of finding some evidence of the type of barn construction during the 1750 to 1776 tenant period.It would be nice to accurately date a few of the younger ground barns to see how long the smaller barn type persisted.Reused components remain in several reconstructed barns and are sometimes in an addition to a ground barn.Holland Township borders the Delaware River and Upper Bucks County Pennsylvania to the west and south, the Musconetcong River and Warren County to the north and Alexandria Township and Milford in Hunterdon to the south and east.This location facilitated easterly migration from Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

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