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Afghan cam sex skype

Afghanistan is a patriarchal society where all the major institutions are controlled by men.

Although, since 2001, there have been many endeavours to elevate women and improvements have been observed, the foundations of discrimination against women have not been uprooted.

They have babies while still young teenagers, increasing health problems and risking death for themselves and their children (the risk of death during pregnancy or childbirth for girls under 14 is five times higher than for adult women).

Education is the best strategy to liberate women from male domination.

In the cities most women wear a , which completely covers them.

The fact that girls live with their husband’s extended family often results in them being treated like servants or slaves, compounding their isolation.

During the past few decades, these norms and values have however been adopted across all ethnicities in Afghanistan and the seclusion of women is thus prevalent—entailing women wearing the when they leave the confines of the household compound.

And widespread poverty still compels many parents to have their daughters married to avoid the cost of caring for them.

The implications of child marriage cannot be overestimated as many girls do not continue their education and remain illiterate.

If someone is held to have offended the rules of a gendered order, then it is claimed there is reason to act to protect one’s There have been thousands of cases where women have been physically tortured, beaten severely, brutally mutilated, burned alive or had acid thrown at them—as well as being forced to marry at a very early age, raped or sold into prostitution, with many engaging in self-immolation as a result—and all in the name of .

Women in Afghanistan, as in other tribal societies, are considered bearers of the “honour” of the family and bound within the associated chains of what is held to be sanctity.

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