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2016 to 2016 america  dating sites

JDate only posted once, and Bumble posted the most frequently, with 50 posts.Video on Instagram continues to be outpaced by photo.There were 272 photos posted by these dating brands and only 27 videos. Its top liked and commented posts were all focused on positivity and empowerment, which is well-suited for the inspirational platform.

e Harmony produced the most content with 88 posts, and the average amount of content posted was 36 posts.The top photo, also from Zoosk, celebrated National Hugging Day.Whimsical holidays provide a relevant way for brands to join in on trending social media conversations.For other brands, other top links posts also tended to share relationship advice.Many of these publishers created content that was silly or used humor to sympathize with their readers’ search for love.

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The top video was Zoosk’s video on “How to text someone you like“, which featured a relationship coach giving helpful tips.

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